February magazine cover. Picture of Alistair Cockburn and 7 other authors

This issue is dedicated to what we call the Agile mindset.

Opening article by Dr. Alistair Cockburn, one of the 17 Agile Manifesto signatories.

Discover why some bold Agile thinkers, from the USA, Canada, India and the UK, think that…

  • “Tools and processes are a cover that allow management to pretend they’re paying attention, when they aren’t.”
  • “Practices do not make a team Agile.”
  • “Embracing the reality of uncertainty enables a balance of preparation and action.”
  • “We cannot have only practices, nor only values and principles. We need to balance both to be successful.”
  • “In practice, all prioritization schemes boil down to three categories: do it now; do it later; never do it.”
  • “We should break practices and rebuild with principles.”
  • I am a senior, therefore I need to know-it-all, so that I can offer the best advice.

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