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Some people bring passion, dedication and inspiration. Some others provide care, respect and support. When they get together, great things happen.

Great Agilists love what they do for one reason: it creates the environment in which people can be happier at work, become more creative, and make a stronger impact on their products, teams, organizations and customers.

Most of what great Agilists know was learned through others’ experiences: exceptional mentors, outstanding events, remarkable papers/readings and meaningful connections. Unfortunately, most people do not have access to all of these experiences.

This is a hard time for everyone around the world: a pandemic, political tensions, streams of misinformation from the media, unregulated content on the Internet and misleading advertising posted everywhere.

How can we make a positive impact on these issues? How can we play an active role in the recovery from the current global crisis? How can we spread the word of Agile, especially to those who might not have the opportunity to hear about it?

We are confident that agile-thoughts can provide answers!

We believe Agile is a way of working, a culture, a habit, a mindset

We believe that...

  • Agile is a way of working, a culture, a habit, a mindset
  • Frameworks are just the means to get started
  • Continuous learning is important -from a diverse community
  • We learn best when we share experiences with others
  • The simplicity of Agile makes life easier and more productive
  • community is a space to raise one’s hand and grow together
  • The Agile ecosystem grows and evolves around the world
  • Embracing Agile produces magic -it really changes stuff
  • Agile is an art, not a science -there is not a right way to do it

if you believe what we believe, you will love  agile-thoughts

compass we are agile-thougths

We are...

A place to gather deep thinkers
and modern Agile leaders

A group of framework agnostics
who honor the purity and power of Agile

A stream of inspiring stories of innovation
and transformation from around the world

A community with a growing ecosystem
of events and opportunities

A place where Agile concepts are incubated
and Agile ideas flourish

The Engine

Ricardo Abella engine agile-thoughts
Ricardo Abella
Enterprise Agile Coach ⧫ 15+ years in finance, retail, energy, engineering and utilities ⧫ Passionate about community and giving back
Bob Korzeniewski engine agile-thoughts
Bob Korzeniewski
25+ years in tech ⧫ 7+ years as CFO of Verisign ⧫ Philanthropist ⧫ Passionate about helping non-profits amplify their impact
Stephen Terrillion engine agile-thoughts
Stephen Terrillion
30+ years in management ⧫ Worked with Fortune 500 companies in the newspaper and publishing industries ⧫ Franchise owner
Carlos Contreras engine agile-thoughts
Carlos Contreras
15+ years in finance ⧫ 10+ focused on the nonprofit sector ⧫ Passionate about helping small businesses and forming community
Angie Doyle engine agile-thoughts
Angie Doyle
20+ years in Information Technology ⧫ Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer ⧫ Supporter of inclusion, diversity and equity initiatives
Paul Boss engine agile-thoughts
Paul Boos
20+ years in Information Technology ⧫ IT Executive Coach ⧫ Believes in the power of 'we' ⧫ Program Director Agile Coach Camp at Agile Alliance
Fabian Altahona
Software engineer ⧫ 13+ years in tech ⧫ Project lead, expert in servers ⧫ Obsessed with accessibility and good technical practices ⧫ Helping and helping
Saleema Vellani engine agile-thoughts
Saleema Vellani
Social Entrepreneur ⧫ International speaker and writer ⧫ Passionate about innovation ⧫ Founder of the business accelerator Ripple Impact
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