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This issue takes a look at critical concepts inherent to Agile transformations, implementations or adoptions.

Discover why some bold Agile thinkers, from Hungary, Denmark, Australia and the USA, think that…

  • “Markets are not defined around products. They are defined as groups of people trying to get a job done.”
  • “Culture is felt through the behaviors that are reinforced or discouraged on a day-to-day basis on teams.”
  • “Work-in-progress is not always actually in progress. Flow efficiency tells us how often that is true.”
  • “Instead of waiting for an outsider to disrupt your business, you can look at ways to change it yourself!”
  • “We all know change happens –we just do not know when, where, how, who or what will change.”
  • “An enterprise with sufficient management maturity will probably obviate the need for many governance groups.”
  • “You do not know everything, and you shall not control everything.”

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