October 2021 - Banner

Feedback, awareness, inspection, automation and flow are words highly used in the edition of this month.

Discover why some bold Agile thinkers from Canada, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States, think that…

  • “While the highway journey gets the attention, the on-ramp and off-ramp are often far more important.”
  • “Development teams need to focus on shipping the increment to (in)validate their assumptions and deliver value to their users.”
  • “Ranking people with different skills sets against each other makes no sense.”
  • “The answers you are seeking as a change agent are likely somewhere within their expertise, knowledge and experience of your teams, coachees and/or customers.”
  • “As with any Emotional Intelligence competency, you can build Organizational Awareness with practice and commitment.”
  • “Small is beautiful, cheap is good, and cultural change matters.”
  • “Some of the most successful organisational mechanisms work by defining an outcome to be achieved, finding people who want to achieve it and let them get on with it.”

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