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This issue takes a look at critical concepts inherent to Agile transformations, implementations or adoptions.

Discover why some bold Agile thinkers, from Denmark, South Africa, Italy, Canada and UK, think that…

  • “We should look for the problems in the system, not in the people.”
  • “So very often we choose to play it safe and just do what we are told.”
  • “It is not just about “sharing” principles and values, but having “shared principles and values.”
  • “Confronting sacred dogmas can be the number one barrier to change for companies and for individuals as well.”
  • “Agile does not necessarily mean faster delivery times, but the ability to react more quickly and gracefully to changes in the environment.”
  • “It is not much fun coming to work every day without a sense of purpose.”
  • “Tools should be seen simply as enablers that can help people to get direction and to better organize information.”

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