September 2021 - Banner with all of the authors

This issue brings myths, research, stories and techniques from seasoned Agilists highly involved in the Agile community.

Discover why some bold Agile thinkers, from the United States and the United Kingdom, think that…

  • “One challenge that is usually overlooked by many organizations is not with the Agile process itself, but rather with the concept of “collaborative leadership” that governs it.”
  • “‘Should unplanned work be allowed after the sprint starts?’ should not be answered through the lenses of the Scrum Guide –or because you think Scrum says so.”
  • “Feedback is a gift. But listening to feedback by itself does not bring about any growth.”
  • “Trying to satisfy customers’ needs without a clear definition of what a need is, it is like trying to solve a word puzzle without knowing what a ‘word’ is.”
  • “Two Myths: 1) There Is a perfect organizational design.  2) We can ‘fix’ culture. Two Realities:  2) There is no perfect design or location for work. Culture is not an initiative with an endpoint.”
  • “Whilst dominant birds can be identified through their own behaviour; high-influence birds can only be identified through the behaviour of their followers.”

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